Coloured EPDM used for a running track
Coloured EPDM used for training
Black EPDM used in a playground
Black EPDM bagged and ready for use

Binders and Chemicals


Over many years Charles Lawrence International have developed, with the world's leading chemical suppliers, a range of exclusively produced polyurethane binders, primers and specialist chemicals for the surfacing contractor.


Charles Lawrence International supplies from stock a full range of Aromatic polyurethane binders in several curing speeds with enhanced UV properties.

In addition we also stock competitively priced shockpad binders and a fully light stable aliphatic binder for use with lighter coloured granules or where the minimising of colour change is very important.

To complete the full ex stock service we also keep solvent free primer in conveniently sized 25kg kegs and curing accelerators for the binders.


Charles Lawrence International proven products are manufactured with only the best quality materials from known producers within Europe.

Regular quality checks and an ongoing development plan ensures we only supply products meeting the latest technical performance and conforming to all European regulations.


Stock pack sizes vary by product according to demand; check with our sales team for the latest information on the product required.

Available pack sizes are:

  • 1000kg IBC
  • 220kg and 110kg drums
  • 60kg and 25kg kegs