Conica Ltd

Formerly Charles Lawrence International, CONICA LTD has a worldwide reputation for excellence and innovation.

The Company is a market leader in tyre recycling, supplying the recycled end product rubber granulate to manufacturers in sport, leisure and other industries, including appointed licensees worldwide.

CONICA LTD offers a comprehensive range of black and coloured EPDM granulate, colour coated materials, recycled EPDM and binders and chemicals, which enables the company to provide sports and play surfacing customers with a "one-stop-shop" supply package.

Depending on your requirements, please select from the following links:

EPDM, recycled rubber and coated rubber granules (UK) - Rubber Granules.

Synthetic sports pitch and track installation and maintenance machinery - Pitch Machinery.

Extra-heavy-duty shearing, chopping, granulating, separation and grading machines for tyre recycling - Tyre Recycling Machines.

All other enquiries - Head Office.